QAT 2023 Quilt a Thon

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Quilt Prep

Following these few steps will insure that your quilt is load ready. Which means your quilt will get done as soon as possible. (these steps have to be done for quilts to qualify for our penny patterns)

Scant 1/4" all the way around your quilt top. This aids us in the loading of your project.

Mark the top of the quilt top in the center. (this is especially important when a quilt pattern or fabric is directional.) In some cases you've spent months with a project. We don't have the pattern as a guide when loading. It would never be our intention to mess up the direction of a quilt.

Backing Prep

Backing should be 10" wider & longer than your top.

ex. if your quilt os 70x90" then your backing needs to be 80x100"

Backing can be longer than 10" but should not be wider than 10-12". Exceeding the width too much can cause sagging in the back that leads to puckers.

Mark the top center of your backing. This is crucial if there's a specific pattern direction.

Pieced Backings

1. Piece them with at least a 1/2" seam allowance

2. We don't recommend opening seams. Our machine doesn't need them opened and it just adds unnecessary stress to the seams.

3. DO NOT leave selvage on seamed segments. The weave of the selvage is completely different than the fabric. It does not have the same amount of give. Therefore leaving it on will cause pleats and puckers on your quilt back.

4. Square your backing. This needs done each step of the way. Especially if you are piecing a lot of random sized leftovers together. Failing to do so can cause puckers on your back during quilting.


We no longer accept outside batting. If you mail us batting we will mail it back to you.

We carry the full line of Quilters Dream batting. If you need help picking a batting for your project we will be happy to discuss it with you.

Mailing a Quilt?

Quacky Quilter Haberdashery

112 W C St McCook NE 69001

Let us know you're shipping to us! We will notify you once it has arrived at our shop.


Penny Pattern 1 cent per sq in (WxLx.01)

Edge to Edge you pick the pattern 3 cents (WxLx.03)

Custom starts at 6 cents and will be quoted on a quilt by quilt basis

Scant 1/4" .10 per lin in (W2xL2x.1)

Piecing backs .50 per lin in (Wx.50)

Batting starts at $7.75 per yard (ask for quote)

Per bobbin thread charge starts at $3